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The Art Of Tammy Bailey AT FORTY FIVE Magazine Issue R 2021 12

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Resplendant by

Resplendant by Tammy Bailey

AT FORTY FIVE MAGAZINE /08 When Ellen retired from teaching paint nights, several of the ladies who attended regularly asked Tammy to start teaching art at paint nights. Which she did for a few years. “I hope to start again once we see the end of this pandemic and to teach smaller groups in my studio. Paint nights are a wonderful way to be creative. It’s a community of women (and men) that come together to do something that they’ve never tried before and have fun. Also, the participants in these groups grow together, bond, tell stories and share their experiences. It is an honor to hear the women share about their life, their hopes, and their dreams. It is a really cathartic way to spend three hours and decompress. Many of the participants are just coming from work and they just want to enjoy themselves for a few hours. Personally, “I can’t think of anything better to do.” Tammy pretty much paints everything but she loves landscapes, waterscapes, whimsical animals, and painting commissions. “I really love when people honor me with photos of their family, and I get to capture those intimate moments for them.” Getting Started “As a child, I was creative. As I got older, I enjoyed doing crafts and sewing. At Christmas family and friends would look forward to my gifts because they were always handmade. Then I started working with beads and making jewelry. People absolutely loved them, so I continued with jewelry passing my creations forward in the way of gifts. I never really pursued it on a commercial level. I love music and played guitar from a young age. I completed my first two years of a Bachelor's in Music Degree in my late teens. I returned to college in my 40’s and took a Counselling Support Skills Program. With this certification, I needed to do an extensive practicum. This practicum took me to a local women’s services where I was co-facilitating a group of women with an amazing artist. Her name is Deborah Putman. It was her art that started to draw me into wondering if I could be an artist. What I saw in her art and how she expressed it inspired me to really want to create in this way. I co-facilitated with her for about 5 years in a support group called “Women of Power And Passion” through local women’s services in White Rock, Canada. These women had come from abusive backgrounds, and it was a huge eye-opener for me. I was also at that time, volunteering through the Elizabeth Fry Society one day a week at a Support Recovery House. That was a heartbreaking, eye-opening experience. I learned some very humbling and important life lessons. For a long time, I thought I might become a counselor, but when I am painting, I am my most authentic self. I think the most important thing with my art honestly, is being able to share the joy that I experience while painting. Seeing the joy when somebody connects to a piece of art that they love, is passing forward joy in the truest sense. It’s just so wonderful." Growing Up "I was born in Canada. My dad was a dreamer and packed the family up and moved us to Central America. I had a very interesting childhood. We’re going back now 45 years. My

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