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Music Leads The Dance Of Love AT FORTY FIVE Magazine Issue 2021 13

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A magazine for women 45+ who want to own aging with spirit and joy. For those of us rediscovering who we are & exploring what we want next. We want more; health, wealth, happiness, & fulfillment. Join women around the world navigating the best years yet.

Being A Woman Is A

Being A Woman Is A Challenging Task Maria and I talked about being a woman in these times and I asked if she had any advice for women contemplating change. “I don’t feel wise enough or in a position to give out any advice. I would just like to share a piece of experience with all of you out there, hoping that it might help you understand my perspective and relate. So, what I know is that being a woman has always been a challenging task, maybe even more through the years. We, as women, not only have taken on so many different roles, but we tend to put ourselves in a constant struggle, if not in a battle against ourselves, trying to prove, that we are capable enough to perform all these different roles, the best way possible. We are trying to be the best mothers, the best housewives, the best and most attractive wives, the best businesswoman, and so on. What we all tend to ignore 22

though, of course until is too late sometimes, is that what is really at stake, is us and us only. Our relationships, our happiness, our peace of mind, if not our health. I still remember my grandmother asking me when I would tell her that I am so happy in life referring to my job, and career choices: “Yes, but is that really enough? Is that what life is all about? Is this what YOU are all about?” It’s been a long time since my grandmother shared these words of wisdom with me. Things have changed for me a lot since then. Lifewise, workwise. What I realize now is that most of us, share a common, ground feeling of what we are looking for, of what we are hoping, of what we need, what we are striving for in life. That is being healthy, (both physically and mentally), being happy and content. Being able to live life to its full potential. Be the best version of ourselves. Enjoy every day, be open to the here and now, have better control over life, experience positive 23

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