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Find Freedom From What Does Not Serve You AT FORTY FIVE Magazine Issue 2101 06

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A magazine for women 45+ who want to own aging with spirit and joy. For those of us rediscovering who we are & exploring what we want next. We want more; health, wealth, happiness, & fulfillment. Join women around the world navigating the best years yet.

you back on a deeper

you back on a deeper level. Learn More What is your key strength? Focus and perseverance. I’m also quite organized. If you could meet anyone for lunch, who would it be? I have a long list but to pick a few: Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, former President of Liberia, for her incredible courage, determination, and foresight My paternal grandmother, for her love and to learn about her life Louise Bourgeous, for insights about her work and artmaking process Website is How to participate Follow on social media: Facebook Yana Schnitzler Human Kinetics Instagram yanaschnitzlerhumankinetics If you love art, check out our Women In Art series What is the best advice you ever received? I find the best - and the hardest! - advice is: “Trust yourself.” We live in a culture that overemphasizes a rational view of things. The mind that reasons and has explanations while our gut feeling says the opposite but cannot “prove” its point. That’s why it’s such a challenge as we have to trust. Trust that kind of deeper sense of knowing. What do you need to make more room in your life for? More fun stuff, such as random handstands at the beach. I used to love to do them as a kid, and though they’ve gotten bad I still enjoy doing them. Or ice skating in the winter. If you could learn anything new, what would it be? I’d like to learn to weave. There’s something about working with physical material that I find very satisfying, that tactile experience of it. I would also love to learn trapeze or kiteboarding.

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