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Every Body Can LIVE WELL AT FORTY FIVE Magazine Issue 2021 15

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The magazine for women 45+ who want to own aging with spirit and joy. For those of us rediscovering who we are and exploring what we want next. And we want more; health, wealth, happiness, and fulfillment.

class. I thought what an

class. I thought what an interesting appreciation for exercise. Now she was sleeping better. She had more energy and confidence. Before joining LIVE WELL, she thought she would never return to her art class which gave her so much joy. Now she was able to go out in the evening. She had the confidence, energy, and spirit to go do her art. She was engaging again with this group of friends, her community. A huge component of our health that we often don’t consider is our social connectedness - it is fundamental to our overall health. When we can create more social health connections, we, in fact, become healthier individuals. As soon as something goes wrong with your health your social health is compromised. Every single day I hear stories like these from our members - amazing and phenomenal ways that they have changed their lives. It is the most rewarding part of LIVE WELL. ARE YOU A PRIORITY? “It all starts with the ability for us to give ourselves permission to make ourselves a priority. Women take care of everyone else - and often we don’t take care of ourselves. It’s interesting because when we look at fitness as a gift to ourselves, we change the way that we think about it. Think about it this way: We are not likely to book ourselves a day at the spa, spend the day there and pay the bill for it at the end of the day. We would procrastinate or likely we would just not ever do that for ourselves! Yet the moment we’re given a gift card from a family member or a friend to go to the spa, we are on the phone booking that same day, changing our schedule to make it happen!!! We need to give ourselves the gift of health and wellness and embrace exercise with the same level of enthusiasm for exercise. We have to prioritize it.” GETTING TO KNOW SARA What is something surprising about you that most people don’t know? Most people see me as a businesswoman running a very 22

usy franchise business, but my number one job is being a mother to four kids who each have very busy schedules! I coparent with my children’s father, and so when I have the kids, I am often on Bluetooth calls in my car, driving one to dance class, or another to an equestrian event, hockey, basketball, and so forth! I believe that there is no perfect solution, and family comes first. LIVE WELL is a family, so we make time to find joy in what we do, and we are patient with each other! WHAT IS YOUR KEY STRENGTH? I am highly determined and very focused on what needs to be done. Supporting my franchise partners and driving our key mission to bring joy to people through healthy lifestyle change. When you join LIVE WELL, you become a key player in your OWN life. I have learned to take charge of my life, and my business. Every challenge is an opportunity to grow and evolve. When have you been most satisfied in your life? We started LIVE WELL in 2011 knowing we wanted it to be in every community in Canada. What has been the most satisfying is finding partners who embrace the LIVE WELL concept as much as we do. If you could meet anyone for lunch, who would it be? Likely Michelle Obama. She is fiercely determined and managed to balance being the First Lady with launching incredible programs, traveling the world all the while raising exceptional young women. She also pushed the needle on health! I would love to get her tips on how she balances it all – and ask her what it is like being married to Barack! 23

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