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Every Body Can LIVE WELL AT FORTY FIVE Magazine Issue 2021 15

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The magazine for women 45+ who want to own aging with spirit and joy. For those of us rediscovering who we are and exploring what we want next. And we want more; health, wealth, happiness, and fulfillment.

Sara Hodson is CEO of

Sara Hodson is CEO of LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic, an ultraprivate gym franchise with 15 locations. She knows that exercise is a miracle drug, and everybody needs a prescription. “Exercise is medicine and is the foundation of a healthy lifestyle.” says Hodson. “If you could bottle exercise in a pill, it would be one of the most effective medications on the market for the prevention and treatment of chronic health conditions, like diabetes, heart disease, and hypertension. It is also more effective than antidepressants for mental health. You can change your body and your mind with only ten minutes of exercise.” In Canada, over 80 percent of the population does not get the recommended 150 minutes of moderate to vigorous exercise weekly. LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic delivers solutions for Exercise is medicine and is the foundation of a healthy lifestyle. blood pressure and diabetes management, arthritis, cancer care, chronic disease prevention, cardiac rehabilitation, obesity and more in a clinically supervised setting. Highly trained Clinical Exercise Physiologists provide customized programs to everyone, tailored to improve their body function and therefore, their quality of life. Sara Hodson and the LIVE WELL program are changing lives. Sara is also President of the Fitness Industry Council of Canada (FIC), the national trade association for the Canadians fitness industry. Sara has been instrumental in helping fitness businesses navigate the pandemic and is also leading a federal proposal to make gym memberships taxdeductible. Both the World Health Organization and the United Nations have made physical activity a primary advisory goal for healthcare policies. 18

It makes sense that physicianprescribed exercise is at the cutting edge of medicine, merging health care and the fitness industry; Sara Hodson and LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic are leading the way forward. “We believe we can emerge from the pandemic healthier than before. But we need trained fitness professional to lead the way.” Sara Hudson took time out of her busy schedule to share her story and knowledge with Myriam Callot and AT FORTY FIVE. Listen to the full interview here and the podcast here. HOW IT ALL STARTED After finishing her degree at UBC in Kinesiology, Sara became a Clinical Exercise Physiologist working in cardiac rehabilitation and diabetes management. She 19

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