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Boomer Women Are Entrepreneurs AT FORTY FIVE Magazine Issue 2021 03

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A magazine for women 45+ who want to own aging with spirit and joy. For those of us rediscovering who we are & exploring what we want next. We want more; health, wealth, happiness, & fulfillment. Join women around the world navigating the best years yet.


AT FORTY FIVE MAGAZINE /08 F E A T U R E S she brings out the essence at the core of people. You become the real you and that is great because she warns “I can see fake a mile away.” Gina credits the book Daring Greatly: How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent, and Lead by Brené Brown as being instrumental in providing her with a different approach to life. What You See Is What You Get Gina gets the struggles. She understands when life puts big things on your plate. Gina has 2 kids, 2 businesses and makes giving back to her community a priority. “Over the last years I have had 4 surgeries, but I still have to work, be a parent, keep healthy, be present. Life doesn’t just stop.” Position Yourself To Get The Best Advice “ I T ’ S N E V E R G O I N G T O B E P E R F E C T - J U S T D O I T A N Y W A Y . " business group as the result and tenacity as her strong suit when facing challenges.y, there are a lot of selftaught “coaches” taking women’s money with little demonstration of personal success. She encourages you to ask the questions, are they: Making more money than you want? Qualified? Gina delivers expertise. Receiving the President’s Leadership Award in 2014 from the Authentic Speaker Academy for Leadership is an achievement that she counts as memorable. She has built training from the ground up for her sales teams. When The Going Gets Tough Gina runs her life based on the principle “It’s never going to be perfect - just do it anyway.” She is super driven and has challenges with five-year planning because she believes in an action-based strategy. Since 1992 she has been stepping up and foregoing complacency. Easy can be attractive but she has never chosen that option. Gina credits her million-dollar At those times in your life, you need to connect with who you are and what you need to be made whole. “You’re the most important person in your life. If you are not okay - no one else is.” Gina draws peace and strength from a picture of her grandfather, a man who always made her feel special. He would

AT FORTY FIVE MAGAZINE /09 F E A T U R E S take her out in the boat and just let her be. At times, she takes life way too seriously and that is when she looks for opportunities for silliness, whether it be with her puppies, her children, or her friends. Gina doesn’t discount her circle of women friends both personally and through her business. She makes time for those relationships and values the strength of women's perspectives. I asked her if she could meet anyone for lunch, who would it be? Brené Brown - she gave the permission through her books to be vulnerable & strong at the same time Maya Angelou - she talks my language and inspires me Sophie Grégoire Trudeau - she is her own person regardless of whom she married Aspire To Greatness Gina shows no signs of slowing down. Her learning goal? NLP - Neuro- Linguistic Programming. She kindly brought me up to speed: “Neuro refers to your neurology; Linguistic refers to language; programming refers to how that neural language functions. In other words, learning NLP is like learning the language of your own mind!” Her clients think she has already accomplished learning theirs. You will find success with Gina Best. Fuck Fine. Shit’s About to get real. Just hold on tight for the ride. N

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