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Amore Italy: Capture The Romance AT FORTY FIVE Magazine Issue 2021 01

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A magazine for women 45+ who want to own aging with spirit and joy. For those of us rediscovering who we are & exploring what we want next. And. We. Want. More. Health, wealth, happiness, & fulfillment. Join women around the world as we share knowledge and life experience while navigating the best years yet.

C O N T E N T S 03

C O N T E N T S 03 editor's note 05 affirmation of the week 06 the truth about olive oil 08 are you ready to buy a house in italy for 1 euro? 10 villa le torri; experience italian living 14 incognito search may save money on your next trip 15 The essence of italian women and their style 18 challenge your mindset: what is it about good people?

AT FORTY FIVE MAGAZINE /05 Affirmation Of The Week "I choose to feel safe in this world. My finances are always protected and I am richer every day." / B Y A N I T A R E I S I N G E R My area of expertise is not finances, but I do work in the area of money with my clients. Most of the time we need to reprogram an unconscious belief that the world is not safe. Affirmations are just the positive opposite of a negative “self-fulfilling prophecy”. When you want to protect your finances I suggest combining affirmations from self-love and money. One important principle to remember is: “The world is what you think it is.” We have the choice of what kind of world we see daily. So why not have a world full of goodness and grace? A gratitude journal is always a good addition to the daily affirmations you do twice a day – in the morning and in the evening. We can write down what we are grateful for also in the area of money. When we feel secure in our body, mind, and soul our relationship to money changes also for the better. Many people talk about money as energy these days. Yes, why not imagine money as a person, with whom you have a loving relationship. Money is your friend and supports you in all ways to achieve your goals and make your dreams come true.

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