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Amore Italy: Capture The Romance AT FORTY FIVE Magazine Issue 2021 01

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A magazine for women 45+ who want to own aging with spirit and joy. For those of us rediscovering who we are & exploring what we want next. And. We. Want. More. Health, wealth, happiness, & fulfillment. Join women around the world as we share knowledge and life experience while navigating the best years yet.


AT FORTY FIVE MAGAZINE /14 SEARCH: INCOGNITO TIP MAY SAVE YOU THIS MONEY ON YOUR NEXT TRIP Learn How To Search "Incognito" Open the browser of your choice and hover or click on the menu icon: If you purchase trips online, you may want to consider searching Incognito. Most websites, but especially travel ones track your searches. That means each time you search the site and product, you may find the price increasing. It is so tempting to keep trying to find a better deal and why not? Just remember to go incognito first. What is Incognito? Incognito, also known as privacy or porn mode, is a feature that disables the ability to store local data and searching history. The tracking is done through small computer files called cookies. How you access the private mode depends on your browser of choice. These are the three most common. Using the Incognito search also reduces the number of ads for products you were searching showing up in your feeds, which can be so annoying.. Chrome: Incognito 1. Choose New Incognito Window. 2. A New Window will open up with an icon showing a stylized spy wearing a hat and glasses in the top right. Firefox: Private Window 1. Choose the New Private Window. 2. A new window will open and you may see the Private Window Mask. Internet Explorer: InPrivate 1. Choose New InPrivate Window. 2. A new window will open, and you will see the InPrivate in the top right.

The Essence of Italian Women and Their Style AT FORTY FIVE MAGAZINE /15 BY KATHY PATELLIS SCHMIDT/ STYLE-ETC.CH Italian women take great pride in the way they dress because they are the masters of classic timeless style. No matter, if they have to step out of the house for five minutes or go for a quick run to the grocery store, Italian women dress stylishly and elegantly. Even while sporting a bombshell look, they look both relaxed and classy and exude a sense of "la moda". Image Above Credits: Rayban Nina € 132 The Italian women’s style is instantly recognizable, but what are the sartorial quirks that elevate their style? Here are the most important aspects of that chic look. Statement Eye Candy Small but mighty! Sunglasses are a statement piece and a key element of the fashion of Italian women. This evergreen and ultra-trendy accessory can accentuate your features and bring together any outfit. Image Credits: Bottega Veneta square frame acetate sunglasses € 320 Perfect for days when the sun is out or when the snow is falling and every other day in between. Find a pair that will compliment your face or simply go big and bold for a look that reaches new heights. Dramatic sunglasses always stand out and look amazing. Image Credits: Vivianna Now €47.99

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